“Zamin” International Public Foundation
The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute to the sustainable development and progress of the living standards in Uzbekistan.
Zamin Foundation focuses on long-term, strategically important and sustainable projects by supporting:
  • — environmental protection;
  • — projects to monitor air pollution, restore soil and ensure access to drinking water;
  • — innovative developments and financing projects in the social sphere;
  • — improved living and learning conditions for children with a hearing impairment.

Key areas

Sources of financing

Board of Trustees

Ziroat Mirziyoyeva
Lola Saidova
Head, Department of International Legal Disciplines and Human Rights, Center for Advanced Studies of Lawyers under the Ministry of Justice of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Law
Zinoviy Novitskiy
Member of the Board of Trustees
Project Manager, Research Institute of the State Committee for Forestry of Uzbekistan, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences
Abdumannop Abdukayumov
Member of the Board of Trustees
Deputy Director, Chief Medical Officer of the Republican Specialized Scientific and Practical Medical Center of Pediatrics, Doctor of Medical Sciences
Aliyeva Tamila
Director of “Zamin” International Public Foundation