“Zamin” Foundation directed funds to support women in need in Uzbekistan

A group of enthusiastic representatives of our society, represented by experts in the field of environment, healthcare, innovative technologies and public law, established Zamin International Public Foundation.

The strategic goals of the Foundation are to contribute to the sustainable development of the country and increase the living standards of the population.

In the near future, the Foundation intends to implement a number of sustainable projects for the protection of the environment, the development of education for deaf & hard of hearing, as well as the introduction of innovative technologies in the social sphere.

Projects of the Foundation are funded by charitable contributions from individuals and legal entities, as well as grants from international organizations.

Now, during the quarantine period associated with the coronavirus pandemic, the people of Uzbekistan have faced difficult challenges. In such a situation, mercy, mutual support and care are more important than ever. Only together can we overcome these difficulties. Thus, the trustees, led by chairman Mrs. Ziroat Mirziyoyeva, decided to redirect some of the Foundation projects funds to support women and families in particularly difficult situations.

“May this safe and timely help give hope to those who are desperate during the difficult times, give warmth, joy and a smile to their families and loved ones during the celebration of Ramadan – the holy month of kindness and mercy,” — commented the first lady of Uzbekistan.

Zamin Foundation directed five billion Uzbek soums to five thousand women who are especially in need of financial support in all regions of our country.